Manage Contacts

Leads are the heartbeat of your REI company so it’s time to treat them that way. Keep all of your contacts organized in one place, track your interactions & set reminders to better manage your leads and close more deals.

Manage Conversations

See your message history with all of your leads in one place. Send and receive both texts and emails.


There’s endless possibilities with our powerful workflows. Missed call from a motivated seller? No problem. New form submission? Great! Instantly connect with incoming leads through automated workflows using text, email, ringless voicemail & more. You know what they say? The fortune is in the follow up!

Landing Pages

Convert more of your visitors into leads with fast, high-converting landing pages

Phone Dialing & Tracking

Create new phone numbers with your desired area code so you can track the source of each incoming phone call. Record both inbound and outbound phone calls plus view your text message history from your tracking numbers.


View all of your leads in one dashboard. Drag & drop your leads through the various stages of the pipeline from new lead to deal closed.

Reputation Management

With competition on the rise, don’t get left behind by not building your online reputation. Connect your Google My Business with Spark Follow-Up and request a review via text or email from the seller after closing the deal.

Email Builder

No need to pay for a separate email builder! Build professional emails using templates or from scratch to stay connected with your sellers or promote your properties with your list.