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Funnel Paths

Created by: Jacob Hicks

Modified on: Wed, Sept 08, 2021 at 1:56 PM

There are 3 levels of path associated with any funnel

  • Funnel URL --> This is the URL dedicated for a funnel which can be configured from the Settings. This will always load the first step in the funnel 
  • Step URL --> Each Step has an URL associated with it to load its respective page. Can be configured from Publishing tab
  • Page URL --> This will be very useful once we launch the A/B testing feature, this is coming soon!
  • We currently can only have one page within a step. Once the A/B testing is launched, you will be able to configure the traffic based on the URL for each page. It can be configured from the Gear icon beside the Edit page button which opens the Settings modal for the page.
  • Split Testing would work in the following way (This feature is coming soon!)
The client will publish the Step URL to its customers in a FB ad for e.g. On clicking the link, the backend will recognize the Step and based on the traffic migration will load either of the page within it, essentially redirecting to one of the page URL.
Step URL --> Page 1 URL or Page 2 URL